.Lukáš Kypus-


email: lukas.kypus(ata)fel.cvut.cz
phone: +420 224 35 4096
skype: lukas.kypus

Ph.D. student: Czech technical University in Prague - Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Thesis: Low-cost RFID security identifiers.
M.Sc: The Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication Brno University of Technology
Thesis: Compression algorithms analysis of multimedia data transfer over broadband access network.
Research interests: | RFID/NFC | embedded autonomous sensors' systems | network, cyber&information security

Projects by year:
2013 The Analysis of Methods of Management of Large Smart Grid Networks
2014 Research in area of qualitative middlewares' parametres and security of heterogenous RFID networks
Computer security - external
Mobile communication networks (A2M32MKS)
Digital forensic audits - external
Network security, and attacks - external
Wireless technologies security - external
Telecommunication devices construction (A0B32KTE)
Security and coding (A7B32KBE)
Information security (A0M32IBE)
Digital forensic audits - external
Computer security - external
Cyber security and information systems - external
Telecommunication devices construction (A0B32KTE)
Networks planning and the operations (A2B32PPS)
ICT security management - external
Bachelor's thesis supervisor:
Forensic audit design
Qualitative parametres of RFID middleware research and measurement

Papers and articles:
Kypus, L. - Vojtěch, L.: Comparative Method for Indirect Sensitivity Measurement of UHF RFID Reader with Respect to Interoperability and Conformance Requirements. Advances in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. 2014, vol. 12, no. 4, p. 319-324. ISSN 1336-1376.
Kypus, L. - Vojtěch, L. - Kvarda, L. - Thiard, N. - Yannis, J.: Solar and Wireless Energy Harvesting Semi-active UHF RFID Tag Design and Prototyping. In 16th Mechatronika 2014. Brno: Brno University of Technology, 2014, p. 188-193. ISBN 978-80-214-4817-9.
Kypus, L. - Vojtěch, L.: Security of ONS service for applications of the Internet of Things and their pilot implementation in academical network, ICCC Hungary 2015
Kypus, L. - Vojtěch, L.: Qualitative and security parameters inside middleware centric heterogeneous RFID/IoT networks, On-Tag approach, TSP 2015, Czech republic
Zbynek Kocur, Lukas Kypus, Lukas Vojtech, Marek Neruda, Pavel Stasa, Ondrej Vondrous: Testing Platform for IoT Network Devices, MIT Boston 2014, USA
Lukas Kypus, Zbynek Kocur, Lukas Vojtech, Marek Neruda, Jakub Unucka, Milos Kozak: Universal Data Analyser for Internet of Things Measurement Tools, MIT Boston 2014, USA

linkedin: linkedin.com/in/lukaskypus